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  • Cabinets are a lot more involved than simply a sanding phase. 

  • Our master painters have been in the field for years developing and perfecting what we believe is the perfect system for cabinet refinishing and repainting.  

  • Quality matters here at True Coat Painting. 

  • We offer a low V.O.C. water hybrid finish, or lacquer finish, and both will amaze you.


Cabinet surfaces are meticulously prepared by removing doors, drawers, and hardware, followed by a thorough degreasing process using Trisodium Phosphate (TSP). After drying, everything is masked to protect non-painted areas. A comprehensive sanding is performed to ensure optimal adhesion, followed by vacuuming and an acetone wash. 1 full coat of shellac stain blocking primer is sprayed onto cabinets using an airless sprayer.  A second sanding refines surfaces so that the canvas for painting is factory finish smooth. (1-2) full coats of finish color of premium product applied. We then scratch test for proper adhesion. Imperfections are addressed with sanding and re-spraying. Cabinet doors and drawers are refinished in our shop and re-installed in your home. 

Experience your home's transformation with True Coat Painting's expert cabinet refinishing services. Our skilled team specializes in reviving your cabinets with precision and finesse. Elevate your space with a fresh and vibrant look. Our meticulous process ensures the finest finish, as close to factory finish as possible. Trust True Coat Painting for cabinet refinishing that will truly transform your home.