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  • We use a marine grade epoxy system that is unmatched in durability.

  • No harsh acids are used in our process 

  • Your epoxy floor coating will be applied by the best in the business and we stand by our 10 year workmanship warranty


After the masking and covering, the preparatory phase begins. We fix and/or repair any imperfections in the concrete such as cracks, holes or gaps with flexible concrete filler. The grinding of all concrete surfaces is essential to bring the concrete to the proper profile promoting a full chemical and mechanical bond. This grinding process involves an industrial stand-up grinder and/or a hand grinder for all edges using diamond bits. The area to be epoxied is then vacuumed free of concrete dust with emphasis on expansion joints, and then blown out with a larger capacity blower at least 2-3 times after this. Dirt, rocks, and debris will diminish pleasing aesthetics and compromise adhesion of epoxy so naturally, great care is taken.

Then the first coat is applied, diluted 20% by xylene allowing epoxy to soak and penetrate the concrete surface. The second coat of epoxy is applied, undiluted. Decorative chips are cast by professionals to homeowner(s) choice of coverage. After curing, chips are scraped off of the surface and a thorough inspection as well as cohesion testing of the mechanical bond ensues. 

The clear coat is then applied and is the protective layer of the epoxy process providing the industrial strength seal of your floor.

Discover the durability and beauty of True Coat Painting's epoxy floor coatings. Our experienced specialized team brings a seamless and resilient finish to your garage floor, combining functionality with aesthetic appeal. Elevate your space with a polished, easy-to-clean surface. Our epoxy floor coating is industrial strength, withstanding even hot car tires, and adds $20-$22 per square foot to the R.O.I. value of your home. Transform your area with True Coat Painting's expert touch – where durability meets design.