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  • Warrantied Benjamin Moore premium products

  • Interior paint applied by True Coat Paintings master painters is aesthetically pleasing, with sheen uniformity

  • Our crew has been painting together for years


Masking/covering of all areas not to be painted In all aspects of our process, great care is always taken to protect the homeowner and their property. All walls are wiped free of dirt and debris to ensure a clean surface paint can better adhere to. In this process small holes and or stress cracks are identified. Holes are filled with spackle with excess material either scraped and wiped clean or sanded afterwards with sanding dust then wiped from the surface before painting. Every effort will be taken for a consistent finish in that the patch disappears. (1-2) full coat(s) of paint is then applied less in the case of bleed through that may be caused by a deeper color base to lighter color or reverse, or for any other reason resulting in anything less than pleasing aesthetics, an additional coat(s) of paint will be applied until desired finish and sheen consistency is achieved. Please note anything mentioned as ‘refinish’ like doors, door jambs, baseboards, etc. will be sanded with blemishes or holes remedied and fine-finish sprayed so that a fine finish is the result.

Welcome to True Coat Painting, where we turn your interior dreams into reality. Our expert team specializes in creating the perfect ambiance for your home through precise and vibrant painting. Our highly-rated color consultant is at your service, ensuring your space reflects your unique style. Schedule a free in-home estimate and Elevate your home with True Coat Painting – where passion meets precision. Your dream home is just a brush stroke away!