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  • Warrantied Benjamin Moore premium products

  • Exterior paint applied by us seals the integrity of your home from the harsh elements and increases your homes value

  • Guarunteed seemless application


After pressure washing any areas on fascia boards or wooden siding where raw wood now meets previous paint still left after the pressure washing process are then sanded thoroughly in effort to ensure a more seamless surface for paint. All loose/migrating/uplifted or missing nails in fascia boards are re-inserted to stop boards from lifting or to seat boards currently doing so. All areas of home that were previously caulked will be re-caulked. This includes all windows, the bevel cut on fascia boards or where fascia boards join. Moreover, all other areas deemed necessary to ensure pleasing aesthetics or that would add protection from the elements will be caulked as well. *Masking/covering: In all aspects of our process, great care is always taken to protect the homeowner and their property.

The repaint of the exterior of your home also includes the refinishing and repainting of all exterior sides of all door jambs, and doors if needed. We do this by sanding door jambs thoroughly, and sanding doors as well if needed.

(1) Full coat of seal grip or Kel-Bond primer will be sprayed and back rolled onto the body of home so that the flaws in surfaces and/or siding are better filled and considerably minimalized but also to ensure full adhesion of the paint process. 

(1) full coat of finish color applied, sprayed. Your bid includes a full, consistent paint finish with sheen consistency.

Welcome to True Coat Painting, where we bring your exterior vision to life with unparalleled expertise. Our skilled team is dedicated to enhancing your home's curb appeal through meticulous and vibrant exterior painting. True Coat Painting doesn't just paint; we transform the facade of your home into a masterpiece. Our highly-rated color consultant is ready to assist you in selecting the perfect palette that compliments your architecture and personal style. Schedule a free in-home estimate any Saturday or call for sooner availability, and let True Coat Painting elevate your home's exterior.